Cox Speed Test – Test Internet Speed in 1 Click

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Cox Speed Test – Test Internet Speed in 1 Click
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What is Cox Speed Test?

Cox speed test is an online internet speed tool which is used measure your Internet performance. Almost 100’s of tools are available on the web to understand the performance of internet. But those tools don’t provide you with accurate information about your internet connection speed. Here we presenting you the best internet speed checker i.e Cox Speed Test tool.

By performing this test on your Internet you will be provided with a different piece of Information like download speed, upload speed and ping time ( ms ) etc. Additionally, this test will provide you the jitter time in ms. According to a survey, Only 10% of speed test tool available on the web provide you with jitter time. Jitter time is calculated in ms in Cox Speed Test.

Cox Speed Test provide you the estimate report of your uploading and downloading speed in few seconds. It doesn’t take 5 minutes like other tools to provide you with your Internet connection report. Interesting Na? The best speed test is one which gives the full data about ping, latency, jitter & packet loss report etc.

We all are living in a Digital era and day by day this digitization is increasing tremendously. Do u guys ever think who is playing the lead role in digitalization? Hm…let me give u few moments to think about it! Time Out, let me reveal the answer. The answer is ” INTERNET “. Yup! The Internet is the mainstream which helps you out in moving toward digitalization. What’s your answer? Let me know in Comment Section.

There are different ISP ( Internet Service Provider ) available which provide you with the promising high-speed internet. Do u guys know which is the best internet speed provider? It’s a very typical and conceptual question. Not to worry all your queries will be resolved here!

What is the first thing you notice while opting for an ISP? 99% answer contains internet speed. Am I right? There are two ways of testing an internet speed. First one is that you can check manually using by using the router ( WiFi/ISP ). Another way is that you can check your ISP speed using different tools available on the web.

Here we are going to discuss one of the tools which are used to check internet speed. Let’s break the suspense! I m talking about Cox Speed Test tool. Let discuss this tool deeply.


Cox Speed Test

Cox Speed Test – Check Speed in 1 Click


Why would you choose Cox Speed Test?

This question strikes most of the users mind i.e why you opt for Cox Speed Test tool. You as a reader also thinking about it. The answer is very simple! Features of Cox forces you to use this. Yup! It’s outstanding features provide you with the best report about your web speed.

Before choosing any product, you first check out that product pros and cons. Right! Cox is a brand which stands upon your expectations. You will get all specs which you want in your web speed tool. From every minute piece of information to a detailed piece information, you will be served with best info report about your net connection.

Here is the detailed piece of information you get after running the Cox Speed Test on your Net/WiFi :

First of all, I would like to share with you all that Cox is the rated as the third largest broadband provider in the world. It’s not easy for a brand to reach this stage. It passes through different channels and test to become the best Speed Test tool. Here is the information part which you will get to know in your reports :

  • Jitter time
  • Packet loss
  • Latency
  • Download speed
  • Upload speed
  • Ping
  • Uploading time
  • Downloading time
  • …… etc!

I think these data are enough to know whether your ISP worth of it’s speed or not. These upload and download speed would be measured in Mbps ( Mega Bits Per Second ). This is the standard industrial system to measure your web/Internet rate or speed. If you have any other factor in your mind which you want to be added to this list, Drop your factor in the comment section. We would love to hear from our users.

From Where You Should Run Your Cox Speed Test (Location)?

A better web speed test tool is one which provides you the report of your Internet speed from the different location. Sometimes due to some circumstances, Speed Test Tool gives best results for some location/place and the result is totally changed when you run the test with the different location. This type of reports frustrates a user to a great extent. This problem is overcome in our Cox Speed Test tool.

Cox Speed Test provide you the report from different areas by running the test from the different location which helps you to properly understand your web speed report.

How To Perform Speed Test On Cox Internet?

Cox is one of the old and the biggest player in the broadband world. Due to its amazing and unique features, It becomes the third largest cable and broadband provider serving their customers with best quality service since their establishment. Here in this paragraph, we are going to discuss How You can perform the speed test on Cox Internet? Follow the below-mentioned steps :

  • First of all, Move to the top of this page
  • You will see a box-like structure on the top having different notation like Ping, Upload speed, Download speed, jitter etc
  • You will see a start button on the header part of the box
  • Now begin the test by clicking on ” Start ” Button
  • Hurray! Test will be started in few seconds
  • After few seconds, You will get the detailed report on your screen with all factors like upload and download time, jitter, ping etc
  • Voilà! Check the report by seeing the stats !!

How To Check The Past Speed Test Results in Cox Speed Test?

It is better to compare the previous result with latest results for proper understanding. Cox Internet provides you this feature to check your past speed test results. If you also want to compare your past web speed test, Follow below-mentioned steps :

  • Open You’re My Account Option in Cox
  • When your test is completed successfully, Click on view past results
  • Next, choose the number of the previous results you want to compare
  • There is a limit of 25 Past Speed Test
  • You can only check 25 past results while running your Cox Speed Test
  • That’s all! Just compare your result to know more about it!

If you want to view the detailed definition of your result, hit the “What do these measurements mean?” link. After clicking this link you will be provided with each and every detail about your result which will help you to a great extent to understand your result.

How Does this Cox Speed Test tool work? 

During Cox Speed Test, Few Internal process will occur which provide the result in quick time. After the test, you will be given the data about your web speed. There are mainly two categories while determining the web speed test. First one is upload speed and other is download speed. Upload speed gives you the stats when you upload any file in the database using your internet/WiFi. Similarly Downloading speed gives you the stats while you are extracting any file from the web.

Let me clear one more concept i.e about the measurement units. Uploading and downloading speed are measured in Mbps or Kbps. Mbps here denote MegaByte per second and Kbps denotes KiloByte per second. These units are the industrial units developed by international systems. This measuring system is followed all over the world. Other factors like, Jitter and ping time are calculated in ms. That’s enough for the working of Cox Speed Test functioning.

For an unbiased result, we recommend you to check the Internet speed from Cox official site. Whenever you use any third party tool to check your web speed, it doesn’t provide you the real unbiased review. It doesn’t help you in getting the reliable result. We recommend you to check your web speed through my account options in Cox menu.

Important Point To Be Noted while Running Cox Speed Test 

  • Always run the speed test using a hard-wired connection to the modem which helps you to know about the area where potential problems occurs
  • If you get bad result in starting then try to run the Cox Speed Test from other servers
  • Sometimes due to different circumstances in several locations provide you with unexpected result
  • Don’t panic! Just Change the market line and run the test again
  • We recommend you to use wired connection while running Cox Speed Test on your Internet as wired connection will provide you more accurate and reliable result
  • Make sure that you have disconnected all others device while performing the test
  • Also, Close all background application during test for a better and quick report
  • Hm… There are many other factors which we will discuss later on!

FAQ Related to Cox Speed Test

There are 100’s of FAQ ( Frequently Asked Question ) related to Cox speed testing.  We have selected few common questions from the big list. Here are few queries regarding speed test :

#1 Cox Speed Test results are different from other online web speed test tools! Why?

You have also noticed that your Cox Speed Test result are sometimes different from other online web speed tools. The basic reason behind this is due to the different server used during the test. Also, this difference occurs due to the threads being used on the web.

#2 What does “latency” represent in Cox Speed Test?

In the speed report, you will find this latency in that. Latency here represents reaction time when you sent a request. Latency is measured in ms (millisecond).

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